ENACCT Releases Final Report on the NCCTBC

“A Quality Improvement Program to Improve Cancer Clinical Trial Recruitment, Accrual, and Retention: Lessons Learned from the National Cancer Clinical Trials Pilot Breakthrough Collaborative”

Participation in cancer treatment clinical trials is a key measure for delivery of quality cancer care, yet participation rates in the U.S. remain under 3%. Although numerous challenges face the cancer clinical research system, including many well documented patient barriers, often overlooked are challenges related to ineffective operational procedures, community relationships, and physician-patient communication. The NCCTBC, sought to identify practical, patient-centered approaches to address these areas, improve quality of care, and increase accrual overall, and in particular for ethnic/racial minorities and people over 65. 

The NCCTBC challenged 5 community oncology practices to use a systematic process to test small-scale measurable changes to organizational practices and policies to assess their impact on making improvements in accrual.


CLICK HERE to access the report and learn more about the process, results, and lessons learned from this unique pilot